Happy Valentine’s Day!


We had a fantastic Valentine’s Day here in the Breeden home. We all got a little something we wanted and had a wonderful meal that was brought to us by a sweet lady from church. I got a book called “The Quiet” (I can’t wait to read this it is a book about the power of introverts in a world that will not stop talking), Gavin got two Thelonious Monk CD’s (if anyone knows Gavin he has a wide range in musical taste but he has been loving his Jazz the last couple of months), and Addie Pearl got a book called “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”(we will be reading over and over and over and over and over again). There was also lots of candy, a bottled coke and a giant balloon.

However, the best part of valentine’s day for Addie Pearl was getting to spend some time outside in the gorgeous weather. I am posting some pictures of our sweet girl which will be a Valentine’s Gift for the grandparents!










Breakfast with Addie Pearl


Gavin took some fantastic photos today of Addie Pearl while we were eating breakfast. I hope you enjoy the lovely pictures of this precious girl.


Where is the breakfast?


The only thing she likes more than greek yogurt is pop-tarts. However, we try to limit her pop-tart intake!

Sometimes mamma has a hard time not making a mess. A little mess on the mouth is much easier to clean than the disaster she can make when feeding herself. We must stay clean before going to daycare.

Sometimes mamma has a hard time not making a mess. A little mess on the mouth is much easier to clean than the disaster she can make when feeding herself. We must stay clean before going to daycare.

Breakfast is the best!!

Breakfast is the best!!

It is always a blessing to get up and spend some time with my girl before going to work.

It is always a blessing to get up and spend some time with my girl before going to work.

This is a very sweet picture. She is such a girlie girl and I love it.

This is a very sweet picture. She is such a girlie girl and I love it.

Miles Augustine Breeden


This is the first thing we’ve bought for little Miles. This’ll be hanging on his bedroom wall when he arrives in May!

Shalaine: We’ve got the name!! When it comes to agreeing on girls’ names Gav and I see eye to eye! We could easily name a dozen girls if we needed to! However, we’ve been trying to agree on just ONE boy’s name since we were pregnant with Addie Pearl. When we went to find out the gender of Addie Pearl we had no boy name lined up. When we were going to find out the gender of Miles a couple weeks ago we had been throwing around some names but didn’t have anything settled. The problem is we’ve felt for months now that we were having a boy and we STILL didn’t have anything ready.

But now we’re done and it feels awesome. Every couple has their own way of announcing the name of their unborn child. Some (like us) like to get it out there and others like to hold on to it until the little one arrives. Neither one is better than the other, there are pros and cons to both. It’s like how some people want to know the gender and others want it to be a big surprise. I love having a name for the wiggling little guy that is kicking me, waking me up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom, and then causing me to have a late night snack because he’s a hungry little fellow. If you see us you can now ask us how Miles is doing and I guess you could ask me how I am doing but that will probably be obvious by the way I look!

Gavin: Whew! After hours and hours (and weeks and months and years!) of discussing, we’re done! Miles Augustine (pronounced “uh-GUS-tin,” I’ll be a stickler about this). We’ll call him Miles, which is a family name from my side. My father’s mother’s maiden name is Miles and my middle name is Miles after her. So we’re naming our son kind of after me but also after a a large branch of our family tree. (I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t a little pleased that my son will share a name with Miles Davis, one of the greatest jazz men of all time and a perennial favorite around the Breeden household.)

Augustine, of course, comes from St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD). He was a pastor-theologian of the highest order, a true giant in Church history whose writing is as brilliant, heart-moving, and necessary today as it was centuries ago.

For those who are into name meanings:

Miles: Various naming books and websites report different meanings based on the different regions in which the name is used. Some of the given meanings: peaceful, merciful, soldier, grace, and, in Hebrew, “who is like God?”

Augustine: This one is much simpler, it means venerable, great.

Gender Revealed: BOY!!


God is so good! Pregnancy has always made me so anxious and to tell you the truth sinfully scared. However, it is amazing how good God is even when we do not deserve his goodness. We found out today that Breeden Baby #2 is going to be a sweet little boy. It was fantastic to see him bouncing around and kicking about.  What is even better is I can now feel all those little kicks. Feeling him kick around is better than chocolate and that is coming from someone who could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I will be back in a second! I need a huge glass of chocolate milk!!

YUM! I am all good now!

Now the next question all of you should be asking yourselves is what is this boy’s name? Well, we have not fully decided on the name which is driving both of us crazy. We are very close to the winner but we are just not there yet. We promise you one thing we will definitely be letting you know!

Last thing to discuss is Addie Pearl. She is going to be a big sister and it will be very interesting to see how she will do with a new baby in the house. I think she is going be a good little helper. Right now she loves to throw trash away, help with the laundry, and put away dishes. I think she is going to be great but I guess we will all just have to wait and see.

“Cooking with Monkey”-What Does it Mean to be a Creative Baker???


Living with a toddler means many good and bad things. The good things range from watching her eat spaghetti, the excitement she has when I allow her to run around naked, and the sweet little kisses she gives on a daily basis. The bad things would be the fact she says “No” to everything, throws very dramatic tantrums, and the amount of pee I have to clean up after I let her run around naked. One thing I am really beginning to love is when we cuddle up on the couch in the afternoon and watch an episode (or several episodes) of Curious George.


I love this picture of George and The Man in the Yellow Hat! George looks like a toddler and you can see how much the Man in the Yellow Hat loves him!!

The other day Addie Pearl and I were cuddled up and watching an episode called “Cooking with Monkey.” This episode really hit all my favorite things: science and baking. Now I am not an expert in either of these; however, I am a middle school science teacher (I am crazy) and I love to bake (I am on a constant sugar high). This episode was all about what it means to be a creative baker. The reason I love to cook and bake is because I am given a procedure that I am expected to follow which is just like a science experiment. Professor Wiseman (back to the episode) thought that in order to be a creative baker you just throw things together and never follow a recipe because that would not be creative. She learns through the episode that you have to first learn the recipe and then you can manipulate it.

As I was watching this episode with my sweet girl I realized a couple of things. 1. Being a creative baker is really about getting in the kitchen and making something tasty, and 2. I absolutely love Curious George. I don’t know if I turn it on for Addie Pearl or for myself. I guess it doesn’t matter, we both enjoy it just like we both enjoy a good chocolate chip cookie.

“I’ve made a huge mistake!”


The other night I decided to get our Christmas Cards ordered. This means that our Christmas cards would actually go out before Christmas instead of after the New Year like last year. So I spent a couple of hours on Shutterfly looking for a template and then finding the picture I wanted to use. Now I think Gavin and I may be having buyer’s remorse. I have heard of having buyer’s remorse after a huge purchase like a house or a car, but did you know that it is possible to have it over something as small as Christmas cards?

So most of you know we took some amazing pictures of Addie Pearl the other night and those were going to be the possibilities for our cards. Well, much like GOB Bluth, I made a huge mistake. I choose a picture (which is a very, very good picture) but it cannot compete with this picture.


I put this picture up on Facebook last night and it was a huge hit. Several people have even mentioned how this picture would make a perfect Hallmark card. (I want to mention here that it is not completely my fault that this picture got overlooked. Gavin reviewed and approved the card that was chosen.) So for the past 24 hours Gavin and I have been joking around about how we made a mistake and how we were going to reorder our cards (yeah right). So if you get a Christmas card from us this in not the picture you are going to get which is sad for you. But as for me, I plan on having this picture hanging on my wall not only because it is a fantastic picture but because my little girl is just beautiful in it!

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!


Well it is December 1st and I am happy to say that our wreath is on the door and our tree is up. Don’t ask me about the rest of the house, it could put me into a slight depression and that would be no fun during this time of year. I was very excited to get the camera and lights out this year because we got so many good pictures from last year’s photo session with Addie Pearl. Let me tell you she did not disappoint this year. I’ll share some of the new photos below. You will also get a good taste of the Christmas parade that we have now attended for the second time here in Meridian. Lots of pictures that if anything will spark your Christmas Spirit!

Before I put up a plethora of pictures I will catch you up on the whole year that we have been absent from this blog! Since I last blogged, Gavin and I bought a house, I started a new job at a middle school, our little girl turned one, I’m pregnant again, and we’ve just been living the ordinary life (I’m impressed with my year recap– one year, one sentence). You know there is nothing nicer than an ordinary life! We have made a comfortable home here in Meridian and we are enjoying what the Lord has done for our family.

So lets begin with Christmas Tree Decorations. Addie Pearl had a ton of fun with both the lights and putting on the ornaments. (Click an image to enlarge it.)


She loved the lights!


This is Gavin’s favorite picture of the night.



Now for the Christmas Parade. Addie P. has hit a period in her life where she is very scared of everything. She spent most of the parade scared of the sirens or anything in a costume. There was one point during the parade where there was a guy in a Popeye costume and she hid behind Gavin until he was gone! It was pretty hilarious.


This is how we began the parade. She was not a fan.


She started to feel a little better once she was in her daddy’s arms.


Then she started feeling 100% better when she was given a little Christmas Tree Cake.



The last two pictures are from our parade watching post. We watch the parade at the newly renovated City Hall. The Christmas Tree was awesome!



It is so great to spend time with friends and family. The month of December has become a month of stress and busyness. Here in the Breeden home we are going to focus on the blessings that we have from God and not on how crazy our schedule may seem. We pray that you and your family will be able to do the same.