Big City Travelers!


The summer traveling has begun. We started in May with a trip to Atlanta to see some very special friends. Then last week our family spent time in Houston and the big state of Texas. We have several more trips planned for this summer so I hope you will come back and see what fantastic pictures I sure we will get over the next 6 weeks.


We love meeting up with some of our great friends from Charlotte (The Hurst’s). In February the plan to meet in May was set up and we waited anxiously for the time to arrive. What we absolutely love about getting together is there are no expectations we basically just hang out and eat! This time we also played some board games which is a new obsession in the Breeden house and one that will get its own post. Atlanta is a fantastic city with great food and great parks. It was truly a refreashing time of fellowship with friends. 


This is the best picture we were able to get from the three crazies! This picture was take after we played in this amazing park. It was also extremely hot so the children are exhausted and sweaty. You can just look at this picture and tell that it is nap-time!



This is one of my favorite pictures of the weekend. Miles spent most of the weekend attached to my back and he loved it. It was hot but he was happy.



PCA General Assembly was in Houston, TX this year and we decided to take the entire family. So while Gavin attended meetings the kids and I would go to this lovely park (Discovery Green) right next to the hotel and play all morning. I was pleasantly suprised how wonderful Houston seems to be. There were great restaurants and the park that we walked to every morning was fantastic. So here is how the morning would go: we would get up and Gavin would go to his meetings. I would strap Miles to me in the Ergo, put Addie Pearl into the stroller and we would walk to a terrific little coffee shop called Ben’s Beans. (We all know that mamas don’t survive the day unless they get a little coffee into their bloodstream) We would then head to the park and we would play on the playground and the last day we played at the splash pad. We would walk to this little mall grab some sandwiches, head back to the hotel, eat, nap, and eat dinner with Gavin. It was definitely fun (at times stressful, kids are stressful) and we loved the city.


This was taken on top of our hotel. Addie Pearl loved the big buildings but I am pretty sure she like the park more.


We spent our last morning at this great splash pad at Discovery Green. At first AP would barely get her feet wet but within 20 minutes she was running through the place having the time of her life. We had to go back to the splash pad after nap because she loved it so much. Miles wasn’t a fan but he loved watching the other kids and eating snacks constantly.


Although, both trips were great it is always good to come home and get rested up for the next big adventure!!


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