We had a baby… 7 Months Ago!



We’re back after a long break from blogging! And what has kept us away for so long? What has been taking nearly every spare moment for the last seven months? Our precious son, Miles. Just look at him! Miles is the sweetest, most cuddly baby that you can imagine. He has the biggest dimples you have ever seen and I promise you that he will melt your heart. He does not like to be alone and wants to always be with the family. He would prefer to fall asleep on your chest than anywhere else. And he absolutely loves his big sister more than anything. Addie Pearl can make him giggle more than anyone else.

He also is a tough boy. He has been fighting eczema since July and it has been rough (literally). He gets it all over his body and it itches pretty bad. Yet even at his worst Miles smiles right through it! I believe it has been harder on Mama than anyone else. You mama’s out there know that some of the hardest times are when you want to give your child relief from something and you aren’t able to.

As great as this little man has been I am in no way saying that it has been easy. Having children are a blessing from God but he is definitely using our two kids to sanctify us, teaching us to be patient and loving. Hard lessons to learn, but much needed. I will have to say that no matter how hard it is to love and take care of children 24/7 it has still been fantastic.


This is one of my favorite pictures from the hospital. This is one of the first times I really got to hold him. There is nothing like holding that small little baby after it has spent 9 months terrorizing your body!

I am going to leave you with a recent picture that we are absolutely in love with right now! This boy loves to get his hands into everything. He also loves sweet potatoes. Miles is a playful little boy and he is going to be a handful.

Don’t let him steal your heart!!!

2013-12-04 18.51.48


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